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What’s the Story?

Thor’s adopted brother, Loki, has broken through the dimensions onto earth. To stop him, Nick Fury assembles a group of superheroes – Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Captain America – most of whom have already been the stars of their own major films. Together they try to stop Loki before he manages to open a portal spewing forth an army ready to destroy the earth. Well, when they can resist getting into fights with each other.


What’s the Problem?

Joss Whedon wrote and directed a film combining a series of well-made superhero films into one megafilm… and you think I have a problem with it?

You must be new here...

To nitpick, though…


The Avengers fight each other. A lot. Verbally and physically. When Thor first appears, he ends up biffing Iron Man, then Captain America when he tries to stop that fight. Hulk smashes everybody. For the most part, these scuffles are well set-up plot-wise. The characters have reasons to be fighting one another. After all, why should they instantly get along? Just because they’re superheroes doesn’t mean some of them aren’t jerks, or conceited. It just means that when they do come to blows, they can throw planes at one another.

I'm not exaggerating, by the way.

That said, sometimes it felt like the author just needed a reason for the characters to fight. There wasn’t a genuine dramatic character reason; there was just one wrong word and another couple of minutes of throwing each other through walls.


What’s the Solution?

Honestly, adding even more history or relationship to this film would have been confusing and done more damage than some half-justified fisticuffs. The film was already trying to tie together five previous films without the audience getting utterly lost as to who is from where, what they have to do with anything, and who they like or dislike.

"So I... wait... I already fought you, and you fought him... so that means I still need to fight you over there?"

Early on, the film takes the tone that this is all a big bit of fun. Treated as such, one can look past unconvincing justifications if it means another kickarse fight scene between a demi-god and a giant green rage-monster.


Worth Seeing?

Stop reading the review and go see it already. In 3D.

If you need more than this picture to convince you it's worth the price of admission, then you have failed as a human being.



  1. glad 2 c my cousin liked it as much as me. i watched it at the premiere. i agtee some fights felt like they had no purpose but it was cool

  2. So you liked it then? (Me too – I’d only give it about seven out of ten, but it didn’t have any obvious flaws, either.)

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