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What’s the Story?

A group of British oldies retire to the newly-opened Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in India. Which turns out to be a dungheap. But they learn valuable life lessons about other cultures, etc etc…


What’s the Problem?

Nothing, really. It’s an old story, not stunningly original, but it doesn’t fall into cliche and it has fun. It seems mostly to be an excuse to get all of the best British actors together and make a film with them before they, themselves, head off to retirement homes.

If you don't see the film in widescreen, the cast is half the size...

There is a bit of stereotyping, especially around the young Indian hotel manager’s conservative mother wanting to arrange her son’s marriage rather than letting him marry the girl he loves.

And the last-minute solution to the climax of the film (the hotel isn’t making money) isn’t really introduced as a problem very well. We know the hotel doesn’t have money, but we are never really told that that’s because the manager is inept. He seems to be doing okay, really, but apparently they’d be doing better without him.


What’s the Solution?

This is a feel-good oldies movie. I don’t think it was trying to make any new or deep points, so I’m content to let it be a bit of fun that teeters on the edge of cliche but never falls in.


Worth Seeing?

Yeah. You might as well wait for DVD, though. I doubt it’ll lose much if you don’t see it on the big screen. But it’s worth seeing for the cast alone. I mean, seriously, how much longer can Maggie Smith keep being The Old Woman in Everything?

She hasn't aged since Hook in 1991.


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