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What’s the Story?

Walter, his brother Gary, and Garry’s girl Mary travel to LA and take a tour of the Muppet Studios. While there, Walter overhears a property tycoon stating that he plans to basically strip-mine the place. To save it, they have to reunite the Muppets and stage a one-night show to raise the money to buy back the studio.

What’s the Problem?

Gary and Mary are human. Walter is a puppet. Walter is Gary’s brother. It is never explained just how that works, being that every Muppet in the world is in the Muppet TV show except Walter…

Why is Walter a puppet? Is he adopted? They treat him like a blood-brother throughout the film, but…

Oh yeah, note the family similarities.

Not that it matters, really. This is a kid’s film, so things like “logic” don’t really matter here. But it would have been nice for there to be one line in there that explains it. I mean, Walter’s obsession with the Muppets makes perfect sense when he is exactly like them and no one else in the world.

Also, Gary, man the hell up. Stop babysitting your brother and notice the hot girl right beside you.

What’s the Solution?

This is a film written and created by people who loved the Muppets as kids but who are now big Hollywood stars. It’s also designed for kids. As such, it makes it hard to find fault. There’s big song-and-dance numbers, there’s some good jokes (travel-by-map and the montage are my favourite), and there’s nothing done particularly wrong.

Worth Seeing?

If you were a fan of the Muppets as a kid, yeah. If (like me) you didn’t really watch or don’t remember the Muppets, then you’ll find it okay, fun, light-hearted, but not brilliant.

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