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What’s the Story?

Tintin, a reporter, buys a model ship at a market. The ship contains, hidden inside it, one third of what amounts to a treasure map to find the long-lost ship The Unicorn. Tintin then gets kidnapped and meets the heir of the Unicorn’s captain. Together they battle the baddies and try to find the other parts of the map to find the treasure.


What’s the Problem?


looks like he’s twelve. That’s fine for drawing in the crowd of kids that this CGI adventure is made for, but it’s a bit weird when he’s holding a pistol and shooting at people. Everyone treats him like a full adult, but he looks like a little kid. The fact that he’s followed around by a dog everywhere doesn’t help.

Seriously, kid. Go to bed.

Also, his motivation for not letting this ridiculously-dangerous quest go (you know, when people start shooting at and kidnapping him) is that it’s a good story. That’s right; he’s not in it for the treasure, but the story. I understand that some reporters would be willing to risk life and limb for a good story, but Tintin is facing off against a whole lot of armed killers for the sake of a 1,000 word piece in a newspaper.


The Dog

goes everywhere with Tintin. Including, at one stage, to the performance of an opera singer. I’m sure most venues wouldn’t allow a dog at the opera; let alone the fact that this performance is taking place in a prince (or something)’s house. How did Tintin get a ticket, let alone get the dog in as well? There are only about forty to fifty seats. Did he bribe his way in? Win a ticket? Or is this world-famous opera singer so unpopular that anyone and his dog could wander in off the street and get a seat?



What’s the Solution?

This is a kids’ film, and a film for people who loved Tintin when they were kids. I didn’t ever see or read it as a kid, and am not one now. It’s fun, but because of where it’s aimed it takes some drastic liberties with logic and such.

Which is fine. That’s what it’s going for. So, I suppose, no solution. It’s an adventure-comedy, with the emphasis more on adventure than comedy, but it’s good.


Worth Seeing?

If you like big-action kids’ films that flood entire cities for the sake of a chase scene and have dramatic punch-ups with cranes (not in cranes, with them), yep. Get onto it.


One Comment

  1. The reason he got into there is cause he knows the singer, she offers him a lift at some point.

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