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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Presented by Burnside Players at the Burnside Ballroom.

Wednesday the 28th of September to Saturday the 1st of October at 8pm.

Adults $20. Bookings 0468 548 828 or just show up at the door.



What’s the Story?

A sitting-room comedy set in the 1970’s. Every night, the family sits down to the Cocktail Hour – a time when they drink and talk about the day. The son of the family has written a play which, like many of his others, deals with his well-to-do upbringing and poking fun at his family – especially his father. Over the course of the night, and many drinks, we examine the dynamics of the family and what they all really think of each other.


What’s the Problem?

No Plot

This isn’t really a problem, per se, but it’s something to be mindful of. The play that the son has written is about the closest thing to a plot, and even that is solved by midway through the second act. Most of the play is an examination of the changes in American culture that happened as families stopped going to the theatre and started going to the movies instead, or how people find ways to cope, or how the person who seemed most content was in reality just as upset as everyone else but was better at hiding it.

Like so many shows, it’s a character piece rather than a plot piece, and all of the characters are well-constructed. They’re not clichés at all, which is nice. They could easily have slipped into caricatures of the Writer, the Grumpy Father, the Loyal Daughter, but they don’t.

They also don’t have Big Secrets that have to be Dramatically Revealed. They have ordinary problems that are part of ordinary lives. They’re each just trying to get along with the others without truly understanding who the other person is – like real life. There’s no Deus Ex Machina monologues about their childhoods that reveal their True Selves. There’s just hints and glimpses that nothing is as simple or clear as it first appears.

I don't have any other pictures from the actual show, so here are some brightly-coloured drinks.

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By Agatha Christie

(Presented by The Therry Dramatic Society September 1-17, 2011) 



What’s the Story?

A young couple, Mollie and Giles Ralston, are opening Monkswell Manor as a guest house. However, one of their guests murdered a woman in London and has two more names on their list of people left to kill…


What’s the Problem?

It’s a bit… like Agatha Christie didn’t bother to revise it. It was expanded from a much shorter radio play and it’s like she dashed out a draft then didn’t go back to edit it at all. For example…



This is your problem right here.

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What’s the Story?

Daniel Craig wakes up in the old west. He’s lost his memory and found a metal bracelet on his wrist. Turns out the metal bracelet is some kind of alien gun. Also he’s a wanted man.

It has lights on it. It is therefore alien technology. Oooh.

Anyway, aliens attack the town he’s in and kidnap most of the population. Then all the cliché-type characters (the amnesiac, the mysterious woman, the hard-nosed cattle rancher, the preacher, the kid, the… dog) who are left over must band together to go and rescue them.

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